Family Registration

2022 CCHS Conference: Turning the Tide

Please complete this registration form to register to attend the conference, while also considering submitting a donation below.

  • Conference registration will close June 15, 2022.
  • Scholarship application deadline is 3/1/2022. If selected, you will be notified of award by 3/31/2022.
  • Please contact Melinda Riccitelli if you have questions or need help with this form.

Conference Fee / Donations

If you are a CCHS Family Network member, there is no fee to attend the conference. The cost of putting on a conference is quite demanding on the Network. We have elected not to charge a conference registration fee (as is normal operating procedure for most sponsored conferences) so as not to financially burden Network registered CCHS families.

We do however, respectfully request that you consider making a donation to the Network with this registration form. A minimum donation of $50.00/family is suggested, but we welcome any help you can give (typical registration fees are generally > than $150.00, for reference).

Thank you. Your donation is much appreciated and allows us to sponsor this and future CCHS conferences that are so valuable to our population.