Call for Poster Proposals

5th International CCHS Conference: The Future is NOW—Priorities, Partnerships, and Patient Voice

Please review the guidelines and topics below, complete the Proposal Submission, then submit the form.
We welcome proposals from the research, clinical, allied health, and family communities.

  • Deadline to submit abstracts: January 31, 2018
  • Notification of acceptance: March 9, 2018

Thank you for your proposal! Contact Sheila Kun, Abstract Review Committee Chair, for additional information or guidance with abstract submission.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit an abstract of the poster presentation.

Proposals should include the following components:

  • Poster Title
  • Author
  • Brief biography (150 words) of yourself, including your work related to CCHS.
    Include other author information if appropriate.
  • Contact information

Brief abstracts of the poster should include:

  • Summary of work
  • Intended audience (25-50 words): Describe the level of experience with family populations
  • Presentation outcomes (50 words): Include tangible outcomes that participants will take home from presentation

List of Possible Topics

CCHS Translational Research

  1. Respiratory drive
  2. Cellular mechanisms
  3. PHOX2B
  4. Genetic
  5. Mouse studies
  6. Drug studies

Clinical Management of CCHS

  1. Non-invasive ventilation
  2. Home mechanical ventilation
  3. Diaphragm pacing
  4. Cardiac management
  5. Endocrine management
  6. GI management
  7. Neurocognitive studies
  8. OB/GYN/Fertility management

CCHS Living Developments

  1. Developmental strategies
  2. Independent/self-care management
  3. Care-giver approaches
  4. Young adult issues
  5. Relationship issues
  6. Pregnancies topics: IVF,
    Pre-implantation screening, etc.