1st Biannual CCHS Virtual Research Conference: October 5, 2021

The Global CCHS Network Community is inviting you to participate in the first virtual CCHS research forum that will take place on October 5th at 07am USA (Pacific time zone); 10am USA (Eastern time zone); 16pm Europe time and 17pm Israel time.

This forum is a joint initiative of patients’ associations from across the world.  We intend to sponsor biannual virtual CCHS research forums meetings, to give researchers and clinicians an opportunity to share updates and opinions, and to enable the formation of new collaborations among researchers whose interests are relevant to CCHS.

The meeting format will be 2.5 hours, in which we will share updates and new data regarding studies in the field of CCHS-related research. Each presentation will be ~30 minutes, with 15 minutes for Q and A.

Following is the program of the coming meeting:          

07:00 (10am/16pm/17pm) Opening

07:05 (10:05am/16:05 pm/17:05pm) Diego Fornasari, University of Milan.  
Investigating the pathogenetic role of PHOX2B in CCHS by cellular and in vivo models

07:50 (10:50am/16:50 pm/17:50pm) Douglas A. Bayliss, University of Virginia.
The retrotrapezoid nucleus: an integrative and interoceptive hub in neural control of breathing and arousal

08:40 (11:40am/17:40pm/18:40pm) Avraham Ashkenazi, Tel Aviv University.
Regulation of protein degradation pathways and ubiquitin signaling by trinucleotide repeat expansion mutations

09:25 (12:25am/18:25pm/19:25pm) Closer

Presentation abstracts can be viewed here

Zoom link: https://openu.zoom.us/j/96003416280

We look forward to seeing you on October 5th, 2021.

CCHS Virtual Conference Planning Committee