Ruby Gala 2017

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Ruby Gala 2017

The CCHS Foundation is excited to announce that Doug and Julie Cavanaugh and the Ruby Dooby Foundation will be partnering with the CCHS Foundation to host a Gala in March 2017 to raise money to support CCHS Research.

The Ruby Dooby Foundation is in honor of Ruby Cavanaugh, Doug’s mom and inspiration behind the Diner. The Ruby Dooby Foundation was created to honor the legacy of Ruby’s love for children by supporting charities dedicated to the health and well-being of children. Doug and Julie Cavanaugh stated, “Families and their children have supported Ruby’s over the last three decades, and it’s our honor to give back.”

This event begins in Fall 2017.

The Ruby Dooby Foundation and the CCHS Foundation are planning the gala events. More to come.

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